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About ChefkochWith Chefkoch app users have access to more than 300.000 recipes from users. Users can find, save, share and rate recipes.

Chefkoch is a mobile and virtual cookbook on your smartphone or tablet. You can choose between more than 300.000 different recipes, save them easily and quickly in your personal cookbook and rate the other user’s recipes. The Chefkoch magazine or the “recipe of the day” inspire you every day. With the help of the How-To-Videos or the virtual shopping list, successful cooking is guaranteed. You can download the free Chefkoch App from our web page.

Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch

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Version: 2.11.1
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Chefkoch – features:- Your virtual cookbook: With Chefkoch you can access more than 300.000 cooking and baking recipes from users. No matter which recipe you are searching for, you will find it in the Chefkoch app. You can also rate the recipes of Chefkoch users and inform other users if the meal was delicious, what can be improved etc. If you don’t know what you want to cook, Chefkoch can inspire you. The app proposes you the “recipe of the day” every day.

  • Save recipes in your cookbook: You can easily save recipes which interest you or which have convinced you already in your personal cookbook. You can also create thematic cookbooks so that you can sort recipes better and find them again quickly. Add your notes to recipes and make them more personal.
  • Make shopping lists: If you decide to cook a Chefkoch recipe, you can plan your shopping easily with the help of the shopping list feature of the app. Decide how many portions you want to cook and the Chefkoch app transfers the needed ingredients to your shopping list. Delete ingredients which you have at home and add ingredients which you also have to buy. With the help of the Chefkoch app you can plan you shopping usefully and easily.
  • How-To-Videos: Chefkoch’s How-To-Videos show you step by step how the meal should be cooked and present every step clearly.
  • Chefkoch magazine: With the help of the special Chefkoch magazine you can get inspired easily. The magazine shows you new creative recipes, informs you about food trends and gives you helpful cooking tips.

Conclusion: Chefkoch app offers you a large selection of different recipes. No matter if you want to cook a fancy meal or if you want to bake a delicious cake – you will always find the perfect recipe in the Chefkoch app. Use the download button on our web page to download Chefkoch now for free.

  • Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch
  • Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch
  • Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch
  • Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch
  • Chefkoch – Rezepte & Kochbuch