About FishdomFishdom is a match-3 game for smartphones and tablets where players have to successfully complete numerous levels to create their own aquarium and collect fishes.

Fishdom combines the popular gameplay of match-3 games with a colorful underwater world. Swap and combine colorful tokens to destroy all tiles on the field and to complete the level successfully. When you win a level, you also earn money with which you can buy fishes or decoration items for your own aquarium. Since the game can be connected to Facebook, it is also possible to play Fishdom with your friends. You can download Fishdom for free on our website.

Fishdom Fishdom

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Version: 2.9.1
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4.9, 286 voix

Fishdom - Functions:- Combine and swap colorful tokens: Since Fishdom is a match-3 game, many players already know the simple gameplay: your task is to combine at least three identical symbols to make them disappear from the board. The level is finished when all the tiles on the field background have been destroyed. But since there are many tiles that are more difficult to destroy and you have limited play time, you need to think about a good strategy in many levels.

  • Create your own aquarium: The special aspect of Fishdom is that it is not only about solving match-3 levels, but also about creating individual aquariums. When you successfully complete a level, you earn money, which you can use to buy fishes, plants, or deco items for your aquarium. All purchased items can be placed anywhere in your aquarium. Complete your aquarium and enjoy the colorful hustle and bustle in your aquarium. You also have to feed your fishes or play with them in order that they are happy.
  • Play with your friends: Since Fishdom can be connected to your Facebook account, you can also play the game with your friends. Compare your achievements and look at the progress of your aquariums.

Conclusion: Fishdom offers you not only hundreds of exciting and challenging Match-3 levels, but also a colorful underwater world, which can be extended by solving the levels. With the help of this game, you always have your aquarium with you. Fishdom can be downloaded for free on our website.

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