About GNOGGNOG is a 3D puzzle game in which players can explore colorful boxes and monster heads, in which hidden worlds and puzzles can be found.

In GNOG, a colorful world full of 3D monster heads awaits you to explore. Secret worlds or exciting puzzles hide behind these colorful heads. To find the secret world behind the monster head, you have to try a few things: pull, spin or tap objects in the monster head and see what happens. Another special feature of GNOG is that you can also play the game in Augmented Reality. Use the download button on our webpage to download GNOG.


Prix: 5,49 €
Catégorie: Games
Version: 1.02
Promoteur: KO-OP MODE INC


4.4, 493 voix

GNOG - Functions:- Explore colorful monster heads: The gameplay of the puzzle game GNOG is probably unique. Numerous colorful monster heads await you, which you need to explore. Most monster heads, however, are just boxes that have the shape of a monster head. The content of this box is different in each level, so there is a lot to discover. If you solve the puzzle of the box, you can discover hidden worlds. However, when you explore the monster head, you are completely on your own. The app does not give you any hints, instructions or explanations. Turn, push, drag or tap items in the box and see what happens. No matter what you do, each of your actions causes a surprising reaction.

  • Augmented Reality: A special feature of GNOG is that you can also play the game in Augmented Reality. This means that instead of the game background given by the app, you will see, for example, your living room. The app skillfully integrates the monster heads into your immediate environment. That’s why exploring the unique and colorful heads makes even more fun.

Conclusion: GNOG is a unique gaming experience with a lot to discover. If you are curious and play with every item in the monster head, you'll be able to solve the puzzles quickly. You can download GNOG via the download button on our website.

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