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About Heads UpWith the App Heads Up!, the popular party game can now also be played on the smartphone. Instead of a card, the player only has to hold his smartphone on its forehead.

Heads Up! is a fun party game for you and your friends. Each person gets a famous movie, character or star randomly assigned. The name of the person appears on the smartphone, which the player has to keep in front of his forehead while guessing. The other players have to give the player hints and help him to guess the person as fast as possible. Since every player has only one chance to guess the person he is looking for, speed is required. You can download Heads Up! now for free via the download button on our website.

Heads Up! Heads Up!

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Category: Games
Version: 3.9.2
Developer: Warner Bros. Entertainment


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Heads Up! - Functions:- Guess as fast as possible: Heads Up! is the virtual equivalent of the popular party game. The app randomly chooses a character, movie, or celebrity for each player. This is not written on a piece of paper, but on the screen of the smartphone. In order that the player does not see the name of the person he should guess, he has to hold his smartphone in front of his forehead during the guessing. The other players have to give helpful tips now that will get the player on the right track quickly. The aim of the round is to guess the sought person.

  • Be fast: In contrast to the well-known party game, you have just one round to guess the person you are looking for in Heads Up! If you guessed right, you can take the smartphone down. But if the time runs out and you need a new character, just hold the smartphone over your head and tilt it. A new character is automatically selected then.
  • 18 different categories: You can choose people and characters from a total of 18 different categories. You can choose from, for example, famous actors, musicians, politicians or even films. If you want, you can also guess animals or fictional characters. These are, however, more difficult to guess.
  • Take care: While you hold your smartphone in front your forehead during the round, you can record funny videos of your friends. Take a video of your friends and their attempts to give you helpful tips. When the round is over, you can watch the video together and share it via social networks.

Conclusion: Heads Up! finally brings the popular party game on your smartphone. It does not matter if you're two, tens or hundreds: Heads Up! can be played with any number of people and definitely brings a lot of fun. Use the download button on our website to download Heads Up!.

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