Infinity Blade III

About Infinity Blade IIIInfinity Blade III is the last part of the popular Infinity Blade series. As in the previous games, players have to fight strong opponents, collect objects and face numerous challenges.

In Infinity Blade III, you play either the strong hero Siris or the cunning fighter Isa, who have allied with the god-king Raidriar in the last part of the Infinity Blade series. On their mission, the two have to fight again and again against strong opponents and take them down by powerful weapons and magic. In addition to fighting enemies, Infinity Blade III is also about collecting valuable items such as swords or armor. You can not only play the game in single mode, but also with a team and participate in so-called group-based challenges. You can download Infinity Blade III on our website.

Infinity Blade III Infinity Blade III

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Infinity Blade III - Features:- Fight with Siris or Isa: Infinity Blade III takes you into a world ruled by different camps. In the final part of the Infinity Blade series, the main characters Siris and Isa have joined forces with the mighty God King Raidriar. On their mission to reveal new secrets and to exercise the power of the so-called Infinity Blade, they encounter strong opponents with whom they have to duel. You can fight either with Isa or Siris and use their unique fighting styles and weapons. To control your characters and to fight successfully, you just have to swipe across the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Like that, you can e.g. block attacks or attack enemies with swords or powerful spells.

  • Collect Objects: Infinity Blade III is not just about fighting, it's also about collecting items like swords, treasures or armor. If you have good equipment, you can effectively defeat enemies and protect yourself optimally.
  • Find allies: In order to complete your mission successfully and to defeat as many opponents as possible, the help of allies is particularly important. When you find allies that join you, you can e.g. gain new power or unlock special abilities. Allies such as blacksmiths, dealers or potion masters will help you reliably.
  • Team up: You can play Infinity Blade III either alone or with a team. Build your own team, team up with strong players from all around the world, and participate in special team challenges.

Conclusion: The last part of the famous Infinity Blade series convinces just like its predecessors by an exciting combat mode and varied challenges. Choose your player, collect powerful weapons and defeat as many opponents as possible. Infinity Blade III is available for download on our website.

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  • Infinity Blade III