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About Stack JumpIn Stack Jump, users have to stack blocks and build the largest possible tower. In this mobile game speed and concentration are required above all to set a new high score.

Stack Jump is a popular game for smartphones and tablets, which is all about stacking blocks. Jump on blocks with your character and stack the blocks skillfully on each other to build an ever-increasing tower. You can play Stack Jump either in Endless or in Level mode. While you can set new high scores in endless mode, you have to master small challenges in level mode. The game also provides a total of 20 different characters. Stack Jump can be downloaded for free on our website.

Stack Jump Stack Jump

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 1.4.1
Developer: Voodoo


4.8, 207 votes

Stack Jump - Features:- Jumping and stacking: In Stack Jump you control a small figure, which has to jump on a tower which gets higher and higher. The game principle of Stack Jump is very simple: During the game, new blocks fly from right and left on the tower. When you tap on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, your character jumps. As soon as your character lands on the block, the block is stacked on top of the tower. The better and more accurately you stack the blocks, the more points you get. The goal of the game is to build the largest possible tower and set a new high score.

  • Concentration and speed demanded: Since the blocks become faster during the game, concentration and speed are particularly important in Stack Jump.
  • Endless Mode vs. Level Mode: You can play Stack Jump either in Endless or in Level mode. Endless mode is all about achieving the highest possible high score. In contrast to that, you have to master 36 different challenges in level mode.
  • 20 characters: In Stack Jump you have a total of twenty different characters available. Here you have the choice between many cute little figures, which represent, for example, different animals. Create new high scores, play regularly and unlock all characters.

Conclusion: Stack Jump is a colorful mobile game, which convinces above all by a simple game principle. Since you have to let your character jump at the right moment to stack the blocks in the best possible way, you need concentration, speed and a good responsiveness. Since you can play the game either in endless or in level mode and you have a total of twenty different characters available, the game remains varied and exciting. You can download Stack Jump for free on our website.

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