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About Tap Tap DashIn Tap Tap Dash players have to guide small animals through a maze of narrow paths and bring them safely to the finish. Above all, the game requires a quick response, as the player has to tap the screen each time the animals have to change direction or jump. Of course, the speed of action increases steadily as the game progresses.

In Tap Tap Dash one thing is most important: speed. The fast mobile game has a supposedly simple gameplay: you have to guide various small animals along narrow paths and bring them safely to the finish. You have to jump over abysses and make numerous changes of direction. Each action is marked with a green arrow on the bottom of the path. If you reach such a green arrow, you have to tap on the screen at the right moment and the little animal carries out the action. If you tap too early or too late, your animal will crash and the level will be over. Of course, the game is getting harder and faster, so you will often need several tries for one level. In the approximately 1000 levels, you can always play other animals such as birds, cats or hedgehogs. You can download Tap Tap Dash for free on our website.

Tap Tap Dash Tap Tap Dash

Price: Free
Category: Games
Version: 1.8.14
Developer: cheetah technology corporation limited


4.1, 172 votes

Tap Tap Dash - Features:- Prove a good timing: In Tap Tap Dash, your only task is to bring a small animal to the finish. You have to guide it over narrow and varied paths, where numerous abysses and changes of direction await you. Every time your animal has to jump over an abyss or has to change direction, this is indicated by a green arrow on the path. If you tap the screen at the right moment, your animal jumps over abysses or changes direction. If you press too early or too late, your pet will crash and you will have to try again. Since the levels get more and more difficult as the game progresses and, for example, four or five turns follow each other, you will need multiple attempts for many levels.

  • No Endless Runner: Knowing the gameplay of Tap Tap Dash, many people would guess that the game is an endless runner. But they would be wrong: In the mobile game about 1000 challenging and varied levels await you, which must be completed. In these levels you can play with many different animals such as pigs, birds or zebras.
  • Slow down the game: If some levels are too fast and difficult for you, you can rely on the help of the snails. The use of snails slows down the level and makes it a lot easier.

Conclusion: Tap Tap Dash is a very tricky and challenging game, which requires above all fast reactions. Even if you need several attempts for many levels, stay motivated: it's worth it. Tap Tap Dash can be downloaded for free via the download button on our website.

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